Tips and Advise

Tips and advise from the photographer

What Qualifications in photography do you have?
I have a degree BA(HONS) in photography as well as a HND and I’m also an Associate of The British Institute of Professional Photography.

Are you Insured, what if something goes wrong?
In the 12 years that I have been a wedding photographer nothing catastrophic has ever gone wrong. But I have covered my back just encase. I bring with me 2 main cameras and one backup and many batteries, lenses and flash cards etc. I have a trained assistant that will also be taking photographs on the day. I’m in a pact with other fully qualified photographers, to take my place if I come down with a terrible case of the flu or break my leg etc, And if all else fails I have full indemnity insurance and public liability.

What equipment do you use?
I have lots of equipment but work mainly with digital Canon cameras
My equipment is upgraded almost yearly and I’m currently working with Canon Eos 5d mk2 bodies (you fellow photo geeks will appreciate that one) but for those of you not in the know they are high speck professional cameras.

How long should we have between the ceremony and the meal?
It entirely depends on your day, firstly what time is your ceremony, If its early afternoon you don’t want to be sitting down at 6pm as guests will be staving and more to the point very tipsy- having not eaten anything since early morning if at all?
But be advised time really does fly at a wedding- when greeting people and having photos, so its good to have at least 2 hours from the end of the ceremony to the formalities of the sit down meal.

How long does it take to have the group shots taken?
It really depends on the number of guests and shots you would like.
Also a big factor is where the groups are being taken.
If the groups are being taken directly after the ceremony at the same location the session can be very quick. But if you are going somewhere else for the group shots things can take a little longer. As elusive guests will have disappeared - gone to the bar-popped home- in the loo etc. Once everyone is accounted for, The average time for groups is about 20-30 minutes.

What happens if we cancel our wedding?
Your £200 deposit is non refundable
Cancellations made less than 6 months before your date are liable to pay 50% of the time booked, cancellations made less than 3 months prior to the date are liable to pay 100% of the time booked, albums are non chargeable on cancellations

Can we have photos during the ceremony?
It depends on the person performing the ceremony
But these days most registrars and ministers allow photography.
I do not use flash photography during the ceremony and I keep my distance, usually over to one side at the front, while my assistant stays at the back for wide shots,

How long before we can see our photos?
I can have them uploaded onto your own poof gallery within 5 days,
Guests can also order prints from the site.

How long will our album take?
That all depends on you, firstly you will need to come over to the studio for a viewing and select your images- then I design the book and a proof is uploaded, once the proof is approved and tweaked if needed, production can begin, It usually takes about 4 weeks from selection of your pictures.

Can you retouch double chins and blemishes?
Fear not- yes I can, I can also whiten and straiten teeth, slim waist lines you name it. But its best to keep images as natural as possible.

We like your work what do we do now?
Best thing to do is phone or email me the date so I can check my availability, then we can arrange a time to meet. You can come over to the studio (in Uxbridge) or I can come to you, for an informal no obligation chat about your day and a look at all my different album packages.

When do we pay?
On initial booking a £200 deposit is needed, then full payment is due no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Monthly instalments can also be arranged

How many photographs do you take?
I’m not on a limit so it can be between 400-2,000 plus depending on the size of the wedding and the time I’m there. Averagely once edited your online album will host 250-500, there are often many more images available for viewing at the studio on request.

I don’t like photographs of myself, what if I don’t like any of the photographs you take?
This is a very common fear. Its your wedding day you are looking the best you ever have, I’m a professional I know what angles look good. Trust me You will look fantastic. And If you don’t I always have the air brush LOL.
But jokes aside, I have never had anyone dislike all the photos.

Can we have colour and black and white?
Yes because all the images are digitally captured any image can be changed into black and white. I will select a few for your online album.

Do you need feeding?
Only if we are staying on for extra time, i.e. After the meal to cover speeches and the first dance.
It will be my assistant and I that will need a meal. Sometimes your venue will arrange food for us.

Will you be there when I’m getting ready (bride usually)?
Yes with both traditional and extended cover I will come to your house or hotel where you are getting ready. I will not get in the way, and I will not ask you to do anything (unless there is time and you are ready)
it’s a good idea for me to come to your house so you can get used to me being around, especially if you are quite a nervous bride.

What Time will you get to my house in the morning?
I will arrive approximately 3 hours before the ceremony, this also depends on how far away the wedding is. I need to be at the ceremony at least ½ hour before you are due to arrive and I like to be at your house for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.

whats the difference between a coffee table book and a Storybook album?
a coffee table book is printed and produced to the same standard as a real book, the pages are thin and the book is digitally printed, so the cost of production is lower than a storybook album. A storybook album is printed on real photographic paper which is then bonded to each page, the pages are much thicker than a coffee table book and the overall finished product is midway between a book and a classic album.

Do you do Civil Partnerships?
I haven’t done a civil partnership as yet but I would love too, there could be discounts for my first.

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