Hi Louisa
Just got back from honeymoon and wanted to seize the opportunity to thank you and Rachel profusely (while sober!) for all your hard work last Saturday. Thank you ever so much for making it so fun – both of us really appreciated your enthusiasm and imagination to help us work that camera!!!!
And Oh my goodness!!! The pictures are amazing…and yes, we’ve both cried again.
Thank you so so much…we can’t thank you enough. They are stunning.
With very best wishes
Jen and Mark

Louisa photographed my wedding on 7th Feb 2009 and I am just speachless what can I say WOW the images are amazing.
I usually hate photos of myself and was so nervous about having a camera shoved in my face all day, but louisa made me and darren so at ease it was actually a lot of fun, and I invite you all to have a look at our pictures on the 'online orders - darren an sara- part of her website.
We got married on 4th August 2007 and Louisa was recommended to us by a family friend. We wanted relaxed, natural pictures that captured the spirit of our day. I was also very worried as I have never liked a picture taken of me! Louisa was fantastic
we re-took our vows after 10 years on 22nd july 2006,and louisa was very friendly and professional,our wedding album is filled with absolutely fantastic pictures,when we get the chance we will recommend her.fantastic pictures from a fantastic phototographer
Louisa made my day. Not only did she capture everyone at my wedding but she also used her creative mind to produce the finest photos Ive ever seen. Well worth paying for a professional photographer for your wedding.

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